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Special program promotes internet safety

A special program for students at Hutchinson School today opened laptops and eyes to the problem of sexual predators on the internet.

FBI Crimes Against Children Task Force member and Memphian Dallas Dallosta met with kids and parents today.. to explain the dangers of logging on and giving out personal information on the web.

Dallosta says the internet is useful and inviting to kids who want to look up homework information, play games, even shop.

The goal of today's program is to teach kids how to use the technology responsibly.

"The kids, they're using the internet as a social tool, like a telephone, back in the old days of us, and they don't realize that there's bad people out there that are looking to do them harm," he said.

Laurie Stanton with the school says the goal is NOT to discourage kids from using the internet.... just don't trust anyone who asks for your personal information.

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