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Jarvis Greer

S.E.C. Basketball Predictions


Kentucky is picked to win the Southeastern Conference Basketball title..

What a shock, huh?

S.E.C. Media members pick the Wildcats to win the Eastern Division over Florida, Vanderbilt and South Carolina.

New Tennessee coach Bruce Pearls' Volunteers are picked 5th, well ahead of Georgia, which got only 46 votes.

In the West, Alabama is the pick, followed by LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Auburn.

The Rebels 17-votes ahead of the Plainsmen.

Arkansas' Ronnie Brewer is the Leagues' Pre-Season Player of the Year.

The 6'7" Junior averaged 16-points, almost 5-rebounds and 4-assists a game last season while shooting a very respectable 47%.

Brewer wants to lead the Hogs to the Big Dance after no post-season last year.

The Tennessee Lady Vols are the media's pick to win the women's side...but by a slim margin over L.S.U.

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