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Lawmaker who questioned Black Caucus may face ethics complaint

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The Republican lawmaker who questioned how the Black Caucus awarded membership and handled its finances could face an ethics complaint.

Representative Ulysses Jones is a caucus member. The Memphis Democrat says he plans to file an ethics complaint against Representative Stacey Campfield over the Knoxville Republican's sponsorship of legislation that could have benefited him as a landlord.

Campfield disputed that he would have benefited from the bill and called Jones' allegation "baseless."

Campfield put the caucus in the spotlight recently when he alleged the group's bylaws are racist for not letting him or any other white person become a member.

Campfield owns and leases several properties in Knoxville and earlier this year was found to be renting a room in the home where he lives to a registered sex offender. The legislator said he told the man to move shortly after learning of his history.

Campfield said the landlord legislation doesn't relate to such situations and didn't present an ethical problem because there is no financial benefit to him "or anybody else, for that matter."

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