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Mississippi natural gas customers alarmed by high gas bills

Rick Stevens' gas bill was a real eye opener this month..

"I was almost floored to see my gas bill had came almost ten times the amount it normally was," he said.

JoAnn Shorter's was a shocker, too.

"I want to know what's going on with my gas bill," she said. Shorter's gas bill went from $18.00 to $83.00.

Stevens' jumped from $17.00 to $162.00.

"We haven't ran the heat since March of last year," he said, "so the only thing that's running is our gas water heater."

The Walls, Mississippi neighbors called their gas company, Atmos Energy, and were told the same thing.

"The lady I first spoke to on the phone had claimed that they had not came out for two or three months and they were just doing an estimate," Stevens said, "and now that they did come out they finally go the right reading on it."

But an Atmos Energy spokesperson said the company does not estimate gas usage unless there's a reason they can't read the meter. While the company investigates these bills, the jump in cost could be attributed to a cold October, coupled with the high price of natural gas.

But Rick Stevens worries what the bills will be like when his thermostat is actually on. "I have a newborn baby inside that house, and my fear is that I can't keep my baby warm," he said.

If his bill gets too high, he's not sure how he'll pay it.

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