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Memphis police search for 80-year-old fugitive

Memphis Police now have an arrest warrant for an 80-year-old man wanted after a weekend police standoff. The police standoff ended up a big mixup because it turned out the suspect, Woodrow Stone, was not holed up inside his home. He has been missing since Saturday and now Stone faces felony aggravated assault charges.

Memphis Police say Woodrow Stone fired his shotgun at two neighbors who were working on their fence too close to his property. The victims told police they had an ongoing rivalry with Stone. The clash gave other neighbors a start. "We had hit the floor in there because we didn't know what was going on," explained neighbor Denise Burns.

Police say Stone's shotgun was loaded with birdshot. One neighbor suffered minor injuries.

Witnesses told police Stone went inside his home after the shooting. Day turned to night during a 5-hour standoff, but when police finally stormed Stone's home, he was no where in sight.

Police believe Stone disappeared between the time neighbors thought they saw him go inside the home until they could close off the scene.

Police drew up a warrant for Stone's arrest Monday night. "We were able to interview the witnesses and the victim and we were able to obtain a warrant for the arrest for Mr. Woodrow Stone," said Sgt. Vince Higgins of the Memphis Police Department.

After two days on the loose, the senior citizen is now a fugitive from the law and the case is all the talk around the neighborhood. "They're talking about it because they can't believe he's 80-years-old doing this stuff," said Burns.

Police say Stone could be armed. "We haven't recovered the weapon that he used during the assault, so we could assume that he might be armed, yes."

Police are searching for any clues as to Stone's whereabouts from friends to family members.

Police urge you to call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH is you know where Stone is located.

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