Flocking Birds Cause Flu Fear - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Flocking Birds Cause Flu Fear

Black Birds here, there and everywhere you look in the area around I-55 and Shelby Drive. Tina Ross has definitely noticed the flocks, "You just see all these thousands of birds, it's kind of like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds." And Tina Ross has front row seats each time she drives to and from work. Ross saw this same scene last year and was worried about the remnants the birds leave behind. This year though, Ross' concern is different, "Of course now, my thoughts are the Avian Flu." Even though the President and others have made it clear there are no active cases of Bird Flu in the U-S and none expected, concern is growing. Ross says it' s hard to see the birds and not think 'what if,' "I don't know if there's a connection, if there could ever be a connection but it does pop in your mind when you see thousands and thousands of birds." We went right to the Memphis/Shelby County Health Department for local information. We were told Shelby County does have a response plan in place, similar to what would be put in place if a small pox epidemic broke out. The county health department is also in contact with the Centers for Disease Control. And the county currently has 6,000 emergency volunteers but more are needed. That's comforting to Tina but the birds still freak her out, "I think I may change my route for the next few weeks." If only to avoid this Hitchcock experience.
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