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Police investigate overnight shooting

It was just before 5:00am Thursday morning when gunshots were heard from a home in the 1300 block of Crump.

Seargent Vince Higgins of the Memphis Police Department said it was a violent end to what started as a good deed.

"They knew this individual," he said. "They let him in. He apparently asked for shelter for the night."

But investigators say that request was just a cover up.  After getting into the home, the couple says the man pulled a gun and demanded money.

The woman was attacked, and when her husband heard the commotion he ran out and struggled with the robber.

Sgt. Higgins said the gun went off and both men were shot.

"Anytime an individual presents deadly force, person has to decide if they want to use deadly force themselves," he said.

The robber died at the hospital, and the other man was admitted to the Med.

Charles Briggs was one house over when the shooting happened, "We work hard everyday for what we have and it's bad when a person feels like they can come in and take what they have."

Which is why Charles Briggs is glad the couple fought back.  He says he'd do the same thing.

"If a person feels they can come and take something that doesn't belong to them they're putting themselves in a situation where anything can happen," he said.

Family members told Action News 5 the woman who was attacked was shaken up, has several bruises, and was praying for her husband to come home soon.

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