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Feds seize heroin at Memphis International Airport

More than four pounds of heroin was found Thursday stuffed into four false-bottom suitcases. The drugs were discovered by US Customs while searching for illegal food products at Memphis International.

"You know, the mid-south is the distribution capital of the world," says drug expert Rob Waggener. "Unfortunately, that goes for legal and illegal substances," he adds.

Waggener is executive director of Foundations Associates, a Memphis alcohol and drug treatment facility. He believes heroin abuse is on the rise.

"Heroin was huge problem in the 70's, then we saw cocaine, we saw crack rise, and now we've seen crystal meth," says Waggener. "Actually, heroin is making a comeback," he adds.

And Waggener says heroin addiction is a particularly hard habit to break.

"It is by far the most difficult physically--in terms of withdrawal and treatment long term," says Waggener.

The "smack" in this case was packaged to sell and officials say likely headed for the streets. Waggener believes its seizure by customs agents may have very well saved someone's life.

"From what I know, they've certainly done a great job here as much as they can," says Waggener.

But who knows how many other drugs may be flying high and passing by airport inspection.

Officials believe this load of heroin came from Iran. Officials say opium production there, and in other middle eastern countries, is a huge business. The Iranian suspect in this case is scheduled to be in federal court come Monday.

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