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City, County squabble over parks

Shelby County and the City of Memphis are at a standstill over who should more than a dozen properties in side the city limits. Last year, Shelby County offered to just give the land to Memphis on the condition that the city make some substantial investments in the properties. But now Shelby County is taking back that offer, leaving some on city council angry.

Councilman E.C. Jones wants the county to honor its promise, in spite of a recent announcement by Mayor Willie Herenton that Memphis may not be able to afford the park lands it already owns.

"These properties are not going to cost any money. Some of them we're already using. Are we gonna go out there and sell em now, let the county sell em and we've invested some money out there?" he asked.

But County Commissioner Marilyn Loeffel says the land SHOULD cost money, that it's too valuable to squander.

"We'd rather do the best we can in maintaining them - cutting the grass, making sure that they're safe - than just hand them over and nothing be done with them," she said.

Here is the list of parks that currently belong to Shelby County, but are within the Memphis city limits:

Allen/Frayser (Willingham)

Carver Heights

Countrywood (Chimney Rock)

Fairley Road



Kate Bond

Mid-South Fairgrounds

Mississippi Greenbelt

Raleigh-Bartlett Meadows



Wolf River Greenbelt

Ross Road

For more information visit the Memphis Parks Services or visit Shelby County's Parks and Recreation website.

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