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No Questions Allowed

A political action group is calling for more public input in the process to replace city council members.

This comes after the group New Path voiced concerns over the process to replace former city council member Janet Hooks.

It all started when City Council Chairman Edmund Ford refused to open the floor to questions for the three candidates up for the District 4 seat.

While New Path does not argue Derrick Brittenum, Junior will hold his own as Janet Hooks' replacement, the group does question how the city council gauged its votes and why more public input was not allowed before the 8-to-1 vote.

"Without that detailed process, I think the citizens of District 4 and the citizens of Memphis were cheated," said Eric Robertson of New Path.

Chairman Ford says the city council has always followed these procedures.

"The regular meeting was no place for questions. It was the place to vote. They could have asked questions during the committee meeting," Ford responded.

City Council Attorney Alan Wade says the city charter allows the council to establish its own rules of procedure.

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