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Suspects hides from police in family's home

That family unknowingly harbored the female suspect while police were swarming this southeast Memphis neighborhood.

While they didn't want to share their identity, they do want to help others by sharing their story.

A mother of three has a new outlook on life after a woman used her parents home to hide from police.

"I mean it just scared me really bad because these are my children that are in here," she said.

The woman rang the doorbell and frantically asked to use the phone.

"My dad told her to wait outside, that he was going to bring the phone out, and when he opened the door he just ran inside and he told her go ahead and use the phone," the woman told us.

Meanwhile, her dad saw the commotion outside and asked police what was going on.

"He asked if they were looking for a woman and they said yes, and then he told them, she was inside our house," the father said.

And she says police arrested the woman right in their home.

"Even though you're trying to help somebody, never let anybody that you don't know go into the house cause you never know what's going to happen," said the woman.

And with that her family learned a big lesson the hard way.

The family is a little on edge because they got several calls from the woman's friends... but they do feel safe knowing she's in custody.

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