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District evaluates state report cards

Memphis school students are often in the spotlight not for achievements but for failing grades, spotty attendance and lack of parental involvement. But now some school leaders see a light at the end of the tunnel. School Board President Wanda Halbert is praising teachers, students and the Superintendent. A report by the The Tennessee Department of educations shows learning achievements over the last three years. In Science students went from a C to an A. In Social Studies, the grade improved from a C to a B. In Reading and Language Arts, students improved from an F to a C. Math scores went from a D to C. Math and Science are proving a challenge for the district. Many resources and money have been directed toward hiking grades. Bill White says one challenge the district faces is finding qualified teachers, "There's a lot of opportunities for them to go into other fields like technology and medical field and so on and so forth so I just think there's a lot of competition out there to get folks like that." While the school board doesn't direct curriculum, members are demanding accountability and results. Wanda Halbert is keeping a close eye on costs and evaluating programs, "How many programs and services are we offering in the district? Is everything we're investing our dollars and resources in working for the district?" Cutting costs and cutting loose of failing efforts in order to succeed.
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