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"Spambaiters" fight internet fraud

More than 50 web sites have cropped up to counter what's known as 419 fraud, so named after a section of the Nigerian criminal code that makes it illegal.

The site 419eater.com is a pioneer in this pastime, which deluges the con artist with elaborate pretend tales of interest.

The e-mail exchanges read like novels, and the bad guys are strung along until they eventually realize they've just wasted a lot of time.

As part of the spam-baiting tactics, scammers are encouraged to have their pictures taken while holding signs to supposedly prove themselves.

Invariably, the signs make fools of the holders and are promptly posted in a hall of shame area on the site.

You should know that spam-baiting is not suggested by law enforcement or the net's most authoritative resource on 419 fraud.

That site, the 419 coalition has a comprehensive guide to the problem and suggestions on what to do when you get such e-mail.

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