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Charges against three former Shelby County officials dismissed

It was a case that lasted more than three years, and cost taxpayers for a special prosecutor, the investigators, and all that comes with preparing for a trial. But in the end, all the work ended in no one going to trial.

Shep Wilbun, Calvin Williams and James Sellers left a criminal court room with a dark cloud removed. The charges and the cases against all three men were dismissed, and their records will be expunged.

"Three and a half years of my life have been dedicated to defending the fact that I was innocent. I said so in the beginning," Wilbun said. "I've said so throughout.  I continue to say this should never have happened."

It was a strange case where prosecutors said they had a deal. No deal was ever announced.

The case was handled by a special out of town prosecutor who did not show up in court. The dismissals were announced in court by Mike Scholl, Wilbun's attorney.

"It became rather obvious by the time we were a couple of days into voir dire, the proof for a jury was just not there," Scholl said.

The defendants say the prosecution was politically motivated.

"I think it was a political sort of political effort to destroy my former boss Shep Wilbun," Sellers said.

Wilbun said some people, who he would not name, did not like his advocacy of the poor and disadvantaged while he was Shelby County Juvenile Court Clerk.

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