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Marion police turn to internet to find missing children

When a child disappears in Marion, AR., Detective Freddie Williams now calls a non-profit agency in Florida called, "A Child is Missing." Police describe the child and report where he or she was last seen:

"What they do is map the area of your city where the child has run away or is missing or whatever the case is. And once they do that, they send out a thousand phone calls within sixty seconds," said Williams.

"We're currently looking for a child in your area. The missing child's name and description is: Jack Smith, white male, 4 foot 2," one recorded message stated. 

If a child came up missing at Brunetti Park in Marion, the Marion Police Department would call "A Child Is Missing" network. Once the network got all the available information, then the phone calls would go out! 1,000 calls to every house in this neighborhood within one minute. The speedy system puts critical information out with such immediacy, anyone around where the child was last seen gets the alert ASAP. In just the first six weeks of operation, Marion police have used to system to bring runaways home safely.

"Luckily, there has not been an abduction or anything like that, but in case it does happen, we're prepared for it. It's better to be able to get the information out there quick and to get all the residents notified so they can be on the lookout for the child," Williams said. 

In a country where every 40 seconds a child becomes missing, Marion is leading the way in the Mid-South with the new high tech tool to protect our children.

The non-profit agency called "A Child is Missing" of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has success stories literally all over the map.

The rapid response neighborhood notification system is being tapped by more and more police departments nationwide.

The agency also helps locate Alzheimer's patients and other missing individuals, and is free to law enforcement and the communities they serve.

To learn more about the service click here

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