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Crime in the family may originate with parental influence

Yvonne Jusko is in good condition Wednesday night at the Med. The Wal-Mart security guard was stabbed when she tried to stop some teenaged shoplifters. Police say their mother was driving the getaway car. And the effects on children when crime is a family affair can be devastating.

Kelli Grissom of the Memphis Child Advocacy Center is concerned about two teenagers who turned themselves into police Wednesday.

"Kids learn what they live and what they live with is what they consider to be normal," said Kelly Grissom of the Child Advocacy Center.

The boys mother Lawanda Miles was arrested Wednesday for helping her 14 and 15 year old sons flee the scene of a violent crime in a stolen car.

"If a child is raised in an environment where their parents are breaking the law and the children are exposed to that and see that they do learn that behavior just like they learn positive behavior that they might see," said Grissom.

Security guard Yvonne Jusko was stabbed at this Wal-Mart in Whitehaven Monday when she confronted the teens for stealing. Grissom says, when crime runs in the family the odds are stacked against the children.

ou can model one thing and say another and hope that works but it not as likely. Kids "You willl learn by watching what their parents do," Grissom said.

At 29 Miles was her son's age when she became a mother.

"It's hard enough to be a parent when you're an adult I can't imagine being a parent at age 13, 14,15, you're still a child yourself you're certainly not prepared to parent," said Grissom.

Now this Memphis mother and her children face serious charges accused of a family crime that could break their family apart.

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