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Jarvis Greer

Grizz Blow Lead - Beaten by Celtics on Last Second Shot

It's not very often you'll hear me say the Home Team Blew a game..

But tonight's Grizzlies game in Boston...

Memphis had in the palm of its' hand...

Too bad it was a free throw..

Take you to whatever they call the New Garden in Bean Town..

The Grizzlies blowing Boston out of its' own tub in the first half with newcomer Eddie Jones knocking down 3's like rain...

20-points for steady Eddie...

And big Rookie Lawrence Roberts of Mississippi State playing like a possessed Bulldog off the Bench..the Grizz open an 18-point lead..

But a funny thing happens on the way to their 4th straight victory...

Memphis continues its' misery from the free throw line...hitting only 12-of-26...while the Celtics Paul Pierce heats up.

Down to the wire..Grizz down one..Eddie Jones wills in a Baseline J for a 98-97 lead...

Final play of the game..all eyes on All-Star Paul Pierce... He draws the D on the Drive..then kicks it to an Open Ricky Davis who drills the Dagger at the Buzzer..

Davis does it to the Grizz for the second year in a row on a last second shot.

Boston wins it 99-98.

Memphis falls to 3-and-2 on the year..

Next game at Cleveland Friday Night.

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