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First her car, then her home

A smashed window... that's what Tammara Sheperd found when she walked out of Kingsbury Vo-Tech School Thursday afternoon,

"I was there about 15 minutes," she said, "and came out, and my window was all broken out on the drivers' side, stole my purse."

Inside that purse were Sheperd's checkbook, credit cards and I-D's.

"I really just felt horrible," she said.

Sheperd said she did see a car with a man and woman in it parked near hers before the break in.

Things got worse for Mrs. Sheperd Thursday night as she left her home headed to church. At the end of her driveway was a car. Sitting insider were the people she thinks stole her purse. Worse yet, the keys to her home were in that purse.

Sheperd got in her car and made sure they knew she was watching.

"I just stayed still to case them out, and they turned the car on as if they were gonna move," she said. "When I didn't move, they started inching off ,and when I still didn't move they went down the street a little bit."

Friday morning, Sheperd went back to Kingsbury Vo-Tech and watched a security video. that showed the car break in and confirmed that the people outside her home were behind the purse snatching.

Memphis Police now have a copy of the security tape, which shows the people breaking into Mrs. Sheperd's car.

She is in the process of having her locks changed, and canceling the stolen credit cards and checks.

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