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Reginald Rome gets life in prison for killing a deputy

A jury found Reginald Rome guilty of first degree murder late Saturday night. By Sunday morning, Rome's sentencing hearing was over before it began.

"The sentencing phase will not be held now," said Criminal Court Judge Joseph Dailey. "It will not be necessary."

Rather than risk a death penalty verdict from the jury, the state and the defense agreed to settle Rome's first degree murder charge by sentencing him instead to life without parole.

"This brings closure to the situation, certainly for the family that has suffered through this for the last three years," said Mark Luttrell, Shelby County sheriff.

Rome shot and killed Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy George Selby when he and other officers went to Rome's house on a narcotics warrant.

"He'll always be gone. We'll always miss him," said Brad Selby.

Brad Selby, who joined the force after his brother's death, says sentencing Rome to death would have only prolonged the pain.

"We don't want his daughters to go through this trial 20 years from now," said Brad Selby.

And while proceedings wrapped up quickly Sunday morning, the case isn't entirely over yet.

"There is still sentencing to be done on the other counts, which is a conviction on attempted murder and possession of a hand gun while being a convicted felon and those will be sentenced on December 9th," said Bobby Carter, assistant district attorney.

Regardless of the outcome then, Reginald Rome's life sentence starts now.

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