Church Helps Parishioners Prepare for Disaster - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Church Helps Parishioners Prepare for Disaster

It was no ordinary service at Christ The Rock Metro Church in Germantown this Sunday night.  Their congregation is turning to the pulpit for disaster preparedness.

The church enlisted the help of the Emergency Management Agency to conduct an emergency response training seminar.  The event will help them prepare for a large-scale disaster if a major earthquake rumbles through the New Madrid Fault Line.

People who attended the seminar say the church has been a great source of relief in past disasters like Hurricane Katrina, and it seems the church is becoming a source for preparedness before disaster strikes.

The EMA says Hurricane Katrina taught America that it is important to take safety into their own hands.  People who sat in on the seminar say that while they know emergencies are unavoidable, they now have something to fall back on.

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