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"Boosting" thefts on the rise

"Boosting" may sound like a GOOD thing for businesses during the holiday season, but it's actually a crime that is on the rise.

Memphis Police officials said Monday they have seen a rise in these group thefts.  Shop owners say it costs consumers both money and the chance to purchase limited merchandise.

The clerks at Miguela's clothing stores were on edge Monday after three people recently cased their store in the Laurelwood shopping center, before coming back and stealing $16,000 worth of merchandise.

"The two men ran in and grabbed as much as they could off the table we had up front," one clerk said.  "They knew where all the expensive jeans were in my store, and they went and grabbed them and ran."
Offcials say this kind of shoplifting is part of a new trend.  Many times the crooks steal high ticket items, like Versace jeans, to sell.
Store owners say it costs consumers more than just higher price tags.  Some of the items being stolen are limited edition, and cannot be replaced.

Memphis Police officials say they are determined to make arrests in these crimes.  They are increasing patrols in shoplifting hotspots, and ask if anyone has more information  on recent shopliftings to call Crime Stoppers at 538-CASH.

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