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Horn Lake woman robbed of more than $10,000 in broad daylight

A robber held-up a Horn Lake woman in broad daylight Monday and got away with more than $10,000.

Ray Wideman was talking to customers outside his Jiffy Lube on Goodman Road, when one of them noticed the robbery happening in the bank parking lot across the street.

"As soon as he fired the shot, everyone went running for the lobby.  I thought, great.  Another good day for business," he said.

Not great for his business.  Not great for anyone.

Police say the manager of a Murphy USA convenience store and gas station was taking company deposits to the Bancorp South when she was robbed at gunpoint by someone who may have been waiting for just the right moment.

"The thought is that maybe he had been watching, that maybe he knew that she was an employee of that business or maybe that they even followed her from the business to the bank," said Horn Lake Police Chief Daryl Whaley.

The robber took $10,700 in cash plus checks and started to leave.

Wideman saw the rest with his own eyes.

"Another customer of the bank had pulled up, I guess was trying to get his license plate number, was following him as he was going this way.  He saw her following him, he whipped around, opened the door and shot a shot, basically down to the ground like maybe he was trying to shoot out her tire," said Wideman

No one was hurt.  But the gunman got away.

Police later found the car abandoned in Southaven, but no sign of their suspect.

Police said this may be the same guy who twice robbed a Fastmart in that area the same way in July and September.  The M.O. is nearly identical.  He's not robbing the Fastmart anymore though - the Chief says - because they've now got a police escort when they go to the bank.

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