Retailers Wary of Where Shoppers Will Send Their Christmas Cash - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Retailers Wary of Where Shoppers Will Send Their Christmas Cash

Cash registers are ringing, trees are lit and shoppers are shopping or are they? Melissa Small of The Village Toymaker says it's been a little slow, "No one wants to shop when it's 80 degrees outside. You get a cool snap, even rain will bring them in ." Which is why Small and her coworkers can't wait for the cool off. Like many retailers Small says they're waiting to see if Santa puts them in the black or red this year especially after gas hikes and hurricanes, "You're economy's gonna suffer a little bit, you may not spend ads much but you're still gonna buy." Shopper Katrina Guttery couldn't agree more, "I'll probably be just as thrifty as I ever am." Guttery is the shopper many retailers fear this year. Someone who's shifting how they spend their Christmas cash. Instead of giving gifts, people like Guttery are simply giving, "With my family we've made a decision that we donate to Hurricane Katrina some of my friends instead of swapping gifts that we do that to contribute and help out other families in need." With so much money given to charities that leaves less for luxuries but Small says parents will still pay for that holiday spirit, "When it comes to their children, their gonna skimp somewhere else. Don't buy me anything but we're still gonna buy the kids their toys." But will that be enough or will retailers be left out in the cold.
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