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Jarvis Greer

Williams - West agree on DeAngelo No Show at Tennessee

Many University of Memphis Tigers fans were shocked when DeAngelo Williams sat on the bench during Saturday's game against the Vols.

The question of 'Could he have played, or Should he have played" has had Mid-South Football fans jamming the Radio Talk Shows lines and computer Message Boards all weekend..

Talk runs the gamut from questioning Williams heart...to questioning Coach West for not putting him in the game.

For the Record, both say the same thing...

Not playing was the Right thing.

Williams, who injured his ankle November First against U.A.B. spent Saturday on the Sidelines in Knoxville after telling coach West he couldn't start..but would come in off the bench if needed.

West said he interpreted that as his Star Player simply saying he's not ready to go.

Both Player and Coach say they understand, and have nothing but the utmost respect for each other...and want to put this to bed.

This Tigers play at Southern Mississippi this Saturday.

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