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Neighbors wish they had done more after child's death

Memphis police investigated the death of a 2-year-old child Wednesday, who allegedly at the hands of her father, while the little girl's neighbors questioned their own actions.

A car seat and coat that belonged the child sat next to a dumpster near her home. It was a silent reminder of the tragedy that happened on November 12th.

"The child was physically abused in such a way that created problems with swelling and bleeding on the brain," said Memphis Police Lt. Joe Scott.

Two-year-old Veante Fraizer was in the sole care of her father, Corey MacDonald, when she was taken to the hospital with bruising and internal injuries.

Police arrested MacDonald, and have charged him with first degree murder. MacDonald's neighbors were outraged by the crime.

"Tell you the truth if me, and my cousin seen him out here we'd probably wind up going to jail ourselves," said neighbor Joey Mimms. "Because for somebody to do something to a little baby like that, they deserve to be beat down. It doesn't make no sense for him to do a child like that."

Mimms lives next door to MacDonald, and said in the past he heard MacDonald yell at his daughter. As he looked at the empty car seat, he wished he'd done something to help.

"That's what kinda makes me feel really bad, cause I could've prevented it by calling DHS and get him to come check it out," he said. "But I didn't pay it no mind, and just stayed to myself."

Mimms says next time he will get involved, if it means possibly saving the life of a child.

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