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How Can Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis is a respected, holistic way to unlock the power of your mind to solve the problems in your life.  Forget the images of a carnival sideshow or a B-movie villain with a swinging gold wristwatch.  This is about making your life better, happier, and healthier with proven professional techniques.

Study after study shows hypnosis is an effective method to losing weight, quitting smoking, lowering stress levels, and improving performance in sports or on academic and professional tests.  Just last month, a Yale study found that surgery patients were able to lower their anxiety levels before their operation by 68%.

At The Hypnosis Center, trained, experienced hypnotherapists can help you to accomplish the goals in life that seem to elude you the most.  What's more, they are happy to speak with you and answer all your questions and concerns before you ever come to the office.

Here are some commonly asked questions about hypnosis:

Q: Will I be asleep?
A: Hypnosis puts a person in a trance-like state so that they are more receptive to new suggestion, and better able to control what is happening to the body or see a problem in a different way.  You are never actually asleep. 

Q: Can a hypnotist make me do something embarassing?
A: Not unless you want to!  You have to be a willing participant in everything you do when you're undergoing hypnosis.  Unless you want to squak like a chicken, you won't.  In addition, you'll want to work with a National Guild of Hypnotists certified hypnotist, like those at The Hypnosis Center.

Q: Does it work instantly?
A: No.  For any of the programs to work, you must be committed to continuing to undergo hypnosis, so that your willpower can be trained to help you acheive your goal.  You play a flat fee no matter how many times you undergo hypnosis, so there is no reason for you to avoid future visits.  Success rates and times vary, but experience tells us that we will be able to help you meet your goals through hypnosis as long as you remain committed to working on the problem.

Q: I've heard about weight loss and stop smoking plans.  What are some of the other areas I can get help with through hypnosis?
A: Pain management, improving memory and concentration, insomnia, lower blood pressure, overcoming fears, stress management, and raising self-esteem.

For information about these and other hypnosis options, call The Hypnosis Center today at (901) 380-5511 or click here to send us your question or concern .

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