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Lose Weight with Hypnosis

You can eat what you want, when you want, and the amount you want and lose weight! How can this possibly be true? Hypnosis will change your wants.

Diet programs attempt to change the body with willpower, deprivation, and starvation. After a few days at best, many people go back to their old ways because the diet really can't change your habits.

Our approach addresses the source of the problem, your eating habits - which have been programmed into your computer-like subconscious mind since childhood. Those instructions from your parents like "clean your plate or no dessert" have become a driving force which has doomed your past diets.

When the need to overeat and snack is corrected, weight loss happens naturally. Your appetite is small and you begin to leave food on your plate. Favorite fattening snacks become uninteresting. You begin to get urges to take long walks or join a health club. Your clothes feel loose, your confidence grows, and your self-esteem is high with hypnosis.

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