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Other Conditions Can Be Helped with Hypnosis

You can do better on school and professional tests, improve your golf or other sports performance, and improve many other areas in your life by using hypnosis.

Study habits / memory development
Hypnosis improves classroom and study performance through greater concentration and recall and by relieving test anxiety. We have helped people prepare for state board exams, CPA tests, the bar, as well as technical and pilot training.

Sports enchancement
Professional and Olympic athletes use hypnosis to reach their true potential. The same training in confidence, concentration, and mental relaxation can improve your own golf, tennis, running, and team sports performance.

Other applications
As a rule, hypnosis can be applied to anything that contains a mental process. Here is a list of just some of the uses of hypnosis:
 - Self-confidence
 - Creativity
 - Sales
 - Public speaking
 - Procrastination
 - Smokeless tobacco
 - Nail biting
 - Fears
 - Phobias

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