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Charity says "Power of 5" will make a difference

The Power of 5 program is well on its way to raising one million dollars to provide utility bill assistance this winter. It's help that many Mid-Southerners need more than ever.

Carolyn Tisdale at Associated Catholic Charities said she is already seeing the need for Power of Five funding.

"What we're finding is more and more people are coming in simply because they just don't have enough money to pay their utility bills, and not because there's been a crisis, but because the ends just do not meet," she said.

Tisdale said the ends aren't meeting for many folks because of increases in the cost of fuel, food, and now home heating bills.

"Traditionally our average assistance is $50," she said. "Well, you know, what does $50 do on a $400 utility bill?"

Associated Catholic Charities is one of the five organizations that will now be able to offer more utility help to those in need.

"They will be distributed once a month," said MLGW President Joseph Lee. "So we will probably make the first distribution from the account probably right after Thanksgiving."

Lee said he realizes this winter will be a tough one, and he hopes the Power of Five program can make a difference.

"All we are doing is helping our fellow citizens who may not be as fortunate as we are," he said. "There's a number of people who just don't have the income and to the extent that we can help some of those individuals. It's a positive thing."

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