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Family of murdered woman speaks out

Corie Duckett disappeared in March. Police found her body and her possible murderer two months later. Tonight, that killer is Memphis bound. And her victim's father says it's about time.

Kerry Duckett says the past year has been unbearable.

"It has challenged every bit of my faith, what I am, what I am about," said Duckett.

She danced at Memphis' Gold and Pony clubs, that's where she met Melissa Ferris, the friend who is expected to admit she murdered her late one night after work.

Corie Duckett's remains were found in the woods in Panola County, Mississippi.

Melissa Ferris had always been a suspect. But police couldn't find her until she and her boyfriend Jeffrey Opp - apparently on the run - led them on a chase in Jacksonville, Florida. That chase ended when Ferris shot Opp.

In court this week, Ferris pleaded guilty to killing Opp. She's expected to come back to Memphis and admit she killed Corie Duckett.

Prosecutors have worked out a deal that will keep her locked up for life.

"She doesn't deserve to be in society anymore," said Duckett. "They tell me she'll never be a free woman again."

Kerry Duckett is glad Ferris will serve time. But - he says - for him, there will never be closure here.

"There's no place here," he said. "I've been here 43-years of my life and then still...There's nothing here."

Duckett and his wife sold their house this summer. They're moving out of Memphis.

Although Corie Duckett did work at two of Memphis' strip clubs, her parents have always been angry about that description, emphatic that she did it out of necessity. She was epileptic - they have always said - and she desperately needed the money to buy medicine.

No word on exactly when Melissa Ferris will face prosecutors here in Memphis.

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