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Dyerburg parents voice concerns over child pictures on internet

"We could see our kids on this website. No none asked us permission to put them on there," said one concerned parent.

His daughter along with dozens of other kids in this Dyer County neighborhood popped up on an internet site.

The pictures look very innocent: sitting on a swing, walking to the school bus, standing at the front door.

It's what's also on the same pages that has parents fuming.

"You can see porn material...there's pics of kids...maybe a nudist colony, I don't know. And then there's probably consenting adults," said the parent.

The website even has an age warning and asks for a password.

An anonymous package from Indianapolis with a letter and picture disk was sent to a parent here as a warning.

"The look of the pictures you could triangulate where the pictures were taken. From there we knew who it was,"he said.

That's right -- the person who allegedly took the pictures lives in the neighborhood.

Parents went right to the sheriff.

"There is no state statute that covers this," said Sheriff Jeff Holt.

The sheriff can't do anything because the pictures were taken in public areas, aren't lewd, and weren't altered.

"Do I agree with it, no, not at all. Is it frustrating we can't do anything about it? Yeah it is. I don't think its right," the Sheriff said.

The neighbor in question turned over his computer.

Nothing illegal was found.

You can imagine the reaction from parents.

"Personally I think he's sick and something should be done to him about this," said parent Natasha Goode. "Since this has happened, kids, you just don't see them as much as you used to."

All because of a man with a camera, a computer, and some say -- a questionable motive.

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