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5-year-old caught with gun at elementary school

Safely crossing busy Whitney Avenue has always been a concern at Grandview Heights Elementary. But many parents never thought they'd need to worry about safety inside the school.

"It's really scary," said one parent Tuesday.

News that a kindergartener brought a gun to school caught many parents by surprise.

"I'm just coming to get my children from school, I had no idea about that," Yamika Coleman told us.

The gun taken from a five year-old was a 25 caliber pistol. The child told police he found it underneath his grandmother's bed.

"They ought to be locked up so no kid can get a hold of one," said grandmother Janet Green.

"Well, it never should have been under the grandmother's bed," said Thomas Stout.

"Obviously, there's something wrong in the household for a child to be able to get to a gun like that," said Rekeia Moore.

Some parents believe there's also something wrong with the school system. A letter from principal Jeffrie Akins was not sent home with students until Tuesday afternoon. That was more than 24 hours after the gun was found.

"I am disappointed, because my son's here and I don't know what's going on at the school," said parent Katherine Coburn.

"I was up here earlier for the school program and I didn't know anything about it," said Carmelita King.

King has a five-year old too. She's glad no one got hurt here Monday. But an explanation Tuesday was too late for her.

"Why is they just sending it home today?" asked King. "It should have been brought up yesterday instead of today," she added.

Parents hope they're not left out of the loop the next time a safety concern, like a gun in school, comes up.

We're told the gun-toting five year-old in this case is back at home. DCS officials will be checking in to try and ensure something like this doesn't happen again.

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