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Crime Tracker: Prisoners cash in on racy websites

A jailhouse sex business now getting the attention of a Mid-South Attorney General.

The case involves sex, the internet and 33 female inmates selling love online.

Some of the pictures that instantly got the attention of men across the country surfing the web.  Individuals lured by seductive letters by female inmates like "Captive Angel" or "Caged Beauty" seeking a long term relationship.

Others requested older gentlemen to reply.

The women promised to fulfill sexual fantasies with steamy talk online in exchange for cash.

"We discovered a ring of women who were writing letters to men who were paying them $50 to $75 a month I guess to get excited," said Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon.

At least 33 Missouri prisoners managed to collect nearly $300,000 through the ads.

Right now it's not clear how they did it, but the state acted quickly to put a stop to it.

"I really do not know how they came up with the idea of posing on the net but we wanted to make sure we froze the accounts so we can get a full finding of what was going on," said Nixon.

Inmates at the Shelby County Jail and the Shelby County Corrections Center are denied internet access, so the likelihood of a so-called "captive angel" cashing in here is seemingly impossible.

While it's not illegal to correspond with inmates, people are warned to think twice before exchanging cash with anyone for online love.

The inmates' ads were posted on at least five different websites.

The attorney general's action targets the inmates exclusively.

None of the litigation is directed at the website operators.

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