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Early morning cold doesn't deter shoppers

They waited for hours, tired and cold.

While it was still dark outside, cars packed parking lots and bargain hunters lined up around the big stores.

Best-Buy was packed when the doors opened at 5 a.m.

Hot chocolate revived would-be shoppers at Target a few minutes before doors opened there.

An onslaught of shoppers rushed in for first pick of the holiday deals. Retailers hoping the big crowd is a good indicator of a good season.

"We just came out of a big remodel and I think Target on the whole is positioned to have a great season and sales for the holiday season," said Target Manager David Randall.

Cart after cart carried away video rockers. Other hot gifts - hockey tables, dvds, and electronics.

The early morning shopping game is tradition for many, simply a money-saver for others.

For some, it's about friendship.

"Just for fun. Spend time with the women. Get away from the men and the kids," said Mindy Middleton.

Putting the holiday spirit into Black Friday madness.

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