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Club attracts scrutiny after shooting

As West Memphis football star Lee Townsend recovers in the hospital, the last place he partied is under scrutiny. Major Ray Hopkins has become all too familiar with The Martini Room on Ridgeway.

"It's one of the locations where we have to give it a little individual attention from time to time," says Hopkins.

A teen party at the Martini Room is where Lee Townsend may have encountered the person who later shot him in the head.

"You know, whenever you have kids interacting you have relationships and problems," says Hopkins. "Sometimes it gets out of hand."

Memphis police tell Action News 5 they've been working with Martini Room management to try and clean up the club. But parties often spill out into the parking lot where they sometimes get out of control.

"It's always a lot of noise," says neighbor Will Stevison.

Stevison has lived near the club ever since it opened and says it didn't take him long to form an opinion. This latest incident cements it.

"I'd like to see it moved," says Stevison. "I'd rather it not be in this neighborhood at all."

But police do not consider The Martini Room a nuisance, at least not yet.

"You know, you just want to maintain control of it, and that's what we're trying to do," says Major Hopkins.

Action News 5 spoke with someone inside The Martini Room. He believes the club is simply getting a bad rap. However, nobody wanted to speak on camera.

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