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Missing teen case takes odd turn

DeSoto County detectives say it was all supposed to have happened in a house on Highway 301. The sexual battery of teenager Ashley Ivy and where she reportedly was given drugs

"We do know she took Zanax. There may have been some other drugs.We're investigating that still," Capt. David Mitchell of the DeSoto Count Sheriff's Department.

Investigators say those drugs could be key to the case because in Mississippi 16 is the legal age of consent but factors like being under the influence of drugs could make it illegal.

Investigators found thousands of sexually explicit photos in the house. They haven't looked at all of them.

DeSoto County detectives say the nude pictures they've seen so far appear to be of people who are 18 years or older and they've seen no pictures of Ashley Ivy.

Danny Wayne Moore the owner of the house is charged with sexual battery and Steve Cooper Junior is charged with disseminating sexually explicit material--a misdemeanor. Both men have $100,000 bonds. Cooper's attorney says he moved into the house just a couple of weeks ago.

"He was just there and just arrested for being present and did not take part in any of it. And I don't think Janice they will have a witness who will say Steve Cooper Junior will take part in any of this at all," said William Massey, Cooper's attorney.

The case began as a possible kidnapping after Ivy's mother got ransom calls.

"We don't believe at this point there was a kidnapping. We don't believe at this point there was a real ransom from the two men involved in this case," said Massey.

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