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Missing teen case spurs parents to further child safety

Parents we spoke with say they're talking to their teenagers about safety and about who to trust.

What investigators found inside a house raided in the Ashley Ivey case has mother's like Melanie Warner talking with their daughters.

"I have four daughters. And they know the world is not a nice place that there is evil out there," said Warner.

Warner, an already vigilant parent, says the story about young girls and nude pictures has made her keep even closer track of her daughters.

"Its our responsibility to know where our kids are. Even my 19 year old college student, I talk to her several times a day because its my job to know where she is," said Warner.

Ronnie Powell says he's talked with his son and his friends about strangers and who to trust.

As for the men accused of this crime, IF they are guilty, he says they should pay.

"I hope they get all that was coming to em and spend a long time in jail and never get out," said parent Ronnie Powell.

Until all the facts come out about what happened at this house on old highway 301, parents say they'll keep extra tabs on their children.

The people we talked with say they still can't imagine how a teenage girl allegedly wound up in the house with men in their 30's and 40's.

They say all they can do to prevent this, is talk to their kids.

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