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Parents concerned over gun found at school

A gun turned up at Raleigh-Egypt High School Monday afternoon and parents want some answers. "I'm concerned that someone's gonna get killed at one of these schools," said School PTA President, Reverend Dudley J. Smith.

While no shots were fired, Reverend Smith heard about the gun from his two children who go to the school. "Parents are not being informed about what's going on in the school system. I think the board needs to take a look at their policy," he said

School Board Member Stephanie Gatewood covers that district. "How can we do a better job at communicating? With 1,200 students we have to look at what time did it happen? Did it happen in enough time for the communication to go out?," she questioned.

Gatewood says the school followed proper protocol and the student who had the gun is suspended for six months. He is in police custody.

The reverend says it's not enough. "The children are running all of the schools in the city of Memphis and those are some of the things that we need to stop," he exclaimed. Smith wants to sit down and brainstorm with the school principal to work towards keeping violence off campus.

Gatewood says the school system needs help from parents. "We need our parents to police their students. We need everything. In their discipline, in their homework. Parental involvement is so important," she said. The reverend agrees. "Don't come up and say 'well, my child didn't do this'. Come over here and find out what's going on. We're sitting at home too much," he said.

Gatewood says parents need to talk to their children and ask them why they are choosing violence over communication.

The reverend says he is going to clean up that community one way or another.

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