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Third MPD officer guilty of fraud

A former Memphis police officer pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud charges Wednesday in connection with two other former officers on the wrong side of the law.

Former Memphis Police Officer Jennifer Vickery pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud.

In front of a federal judge, Vickery admitted that she and former officer Adam Gagnier stopped unsuspecting drivers and shook them down for cash after planting drugs in their car.

One traffic stop netted 6 grand...which Gagnier and Vickery split.

"Ms. Vickery feels like she made some bad judgement calls and she's ready to cooperate with the government put this behind her and get on with her life. And hopefully become a productive member of society.," said Vickery's attorney, Milton McGhee.

Another bad judgement call Vickery made was holding on to the gun that officer James Fetter used to shoot himself in an effort to collect insurance money and workers compensation from the city.

It was officer Gagnier who gave her the gun.

"Officer Gagnier was obviously the more experience police officer she was newer to the force. I believe he might have had some influence over her," said McGhee.

In a separate hearing Adam Gagnier also pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge.

Gagnier and Fetter made a traffic stop and stole two thousand dollars from the passenger in the car.

The former police officer also admitted that he reported several burglaries of his home to collect more than $5,000 in insurance money---which amounts to fraud.

Both Vickery and Gagnier are hoping for a lighter sentence in exchange for cooperating with the US Attorney's office and testifying in future cases.

Vickery is scheduled to be sentence on March 23rd of next year.

Gagnier sentencing date is June 5th.

The other officer accused of being dirty, James Fetter, was not in court today.

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