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Officer hurt in fight at Fairley High

According to witnesses, Memphis police officer Kedzie White fell 11 feet, head first onto the floor of the Fairley High School gymnasium.

Student Regina Walker described the officer's condition in great detail.

"He had his hand on his face and then when he moved he had a big knot right there and and when he opened his mouth he was kind of coughing up blood." said Walker.

Police say White was attempting to break up a fight between students in the bleachers. When he reached the top he and one of the students began struggling.

"He and the suspect fell down and hit the ground and the officer was rendered unconscious at that point." said Memphis police spokesperson Sergeant Vince Higgins.

White was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The student got away, but police caught up with him a short time later at a hospital in Whitehaven. He was taken into custody while still in a hospital gown wearing a cast on one arm, handcuffs on the other.

"It appears to be an aggravated assault on the officer based on the preliminary investigation." said Higgins.

White joined the Memphis police force in 1989. He's been assigned to Fairley High for at least three years.

"You know the doctor's are going to determine what level of injuries he sustained but right now he's in stable condition they've stabilized him and we're going to hold out hope and pray." Higgins said.

Though White's condition has improved since the fall, he's by no means out of danger.

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