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Don't fall for rebate scams

The concept seems simple: you buy a product, mail in a rebate and get cash back for your purchase. But experts say, the system is so convoluted it often gets confusing for consumers and frustrating for companies that issue the checks.

But Action News 5 has a quick look at how you can ensure you get your money back.

First, always read the fine print. That's where many consumers get hung out to dry on rebate programs.

Second, go where the rebating is easy. That means you should shop at places where you can start the rebate process online.

Then, make sure you have the right UPC code. Some items have several on the packaging, so call the customer service number to check.

Finally, complain. If you're not getting what you bought into letters to the highest level possible are most effective.

For more information visit the MSN money website.

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