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Scrooge steals group's costumes

The Virginia-based Theater 4 has been traveling across the country for 30 years. This time they were headed to Baton Rouge to put on a play for Katrina victims.

The trip included an overnight stay Saturday at a Hampton Inn on Humphreys Center.

"Got up the next morning to pack up and drive on and it was gone," said Phil Whiteway of the theater group.

Someone took their van and exited stage left.

"Oftentimes during this holiday season, people will see panel trucks and vans from other areas thinking that they're carrying a lot of merchandise," said Sgt. Vince Higgins of the Memphis police.

In this case, it wasn't merchandise, but sets, props and scenery, everything to put on a production.

"It's a five person cast and because it's a 'Christmas Carol' the costumes were all period costumes and there were a lot of them," said Whiteway.

The van eventually turned up at the police impound Tuesday and a few of the items were still inside. As for the crooks...

"Unless we start seeing people dressed up like Scrooge or the Ghost of Christmas Past committing crimes...," said Higgins.

They might not be too hard to spot. Theater Four was able to get a replacement vehicle, set, and costumes to get on their way to Baton Rouge.

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