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FBI informant says Memphis politician took bribe

For the very first time, the informant behind the FBI's Tennessee Waltz sting is speaking out.

Tim Willis was a friend of the Ford's and through that family, he gained access to powerful state officials. In the end, it was Tim Willis who was their downfall, helping the FBI nab them taking bribes.

Now Willis says, there's another who took money.

And, for the first time, the man who helped the FBI tape state and local lawmakers taking bribes is talking. In an interview with the Nashville Post, Willis says another lawmaker, Memphis state Rep. Ulysses Jones, took money too.

Jones has always said he took money, but that it was only a thousand dollars, the legal amount he can accept as a campaign contribution.

But Willis says it was a bribe, that it was more than a thousand and that he's talking about it now, "since he put it out there, Ulysses Jones's lying a--...'"

Willis says Jones came to his office, that he offered him money and that Jones became concerned because the windows were open.

But Willis says once they left the office, Jones told him, "Man, you better go get that money. I just didn't want it in that office."

"Mr. Willis is telling a lie," said Jones.

Reached by phone in Nashville, Ulysses Jones says Willis is full of it.

"There is no tape of me taking any money," he said. "There is no audio tape of me taking any money or any video tape of me taking any money. So I don't know why Mr. Willis is telling these lies at this time."

Tim Willis says he was disappointed - at the time - that Ulysses Jones took the money.

"In my head, I'm thinking, 'I thought you was one of the good ones. Your [expletive deleted] is on the take.'"

Ulysses Jones also says tonight he's got nothing to hid. He's talked with the FBI - he says - and he'll be happy to talk with them again.

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