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Tennessee Waltz informant may be behind on child support payments

The FBI informant behind the Tennessee Waltz corruption scandal was making thousands of dollars for helping to bust a handful of accused lawmakers. But Action News Five has learned he may be a deadbeat dad.

The feds were paying Tim Willis more than $70,000a year while they were building that case. But during that time, the court system was papered with complaints from the mother of Willis' child, angry that he wasn't making payments. And now, his former lawyer tells us he never told a judge about the income.

In January of 2003, the FBI began to pay Tim Willis $6000 dollars a month to help them catch state and local lawmakers on the take.

But despite his new income, court documents suggest Willis wasn't making his share of child support payments.

Even his lawyer, Javier Bailey, says Willis never told him that his income had changed.

"The young lady's assertion was that Mr. Willis had not paid a dime in support and of course, I asserted to the court there that he had no income. He'd just gotten out of prison and had no income," said Bailey.

What Bailey did not know then, what none of the people close to Willis knew then, was that he did have an income and that it was growing substantially.

Willis was the source who connected the FBI to the power-brokers, introducing undercover agents as businessmen and helping them build a case against lawmakers accepting bribes.

Last year, the mother of a child the courts determined was his sued him for failure to make payment. She wanted $159 per week.

But a call to the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement told me he still hasn't been paying regularly, that his payments have been scattered and infrequent and that the last payment - on December 9th - was for sixty dollars.

"I was never made aware that there was any income from the FBI and without disclosing any privileged information, I will just tell you as far as what was reported to the court, we were not aware, I was not aware, nor do I think the court is aware of any income," Bailey said.

Bailey says there's an ongoing duty for Willis to report his income, no matter the source.

He says that contempt action - for failure to make payments - is still active.

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