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Mother of abandoned child found

A two-year old is safe and in his mother's care tonight.

Just 24 hours ago, the family in one house was frantically searching for the child's parents.

The Stacy children were playing in their back yard Friday night when a stranger came up to them with an odd request.

"He was just standing there like a normal guy would except for the fact that he just gave us a kid," said Chastity Stacy.

The man asked the Stacy girls to watch two-year-old Joshua. He gave them the child, then left.

"I was worried about the child, not knowing who he's been with and then I'm worried about mine, because I don't want nobody walking in this back yard and just taking one of them," said the girls' stepmother Tracy Stacy.

Stacy and her stepdaughters called police. Then they went door to door, up and down their street, to try and find the child's family.

"We walked around here asking the neighbors if, like, they recognized him," said Ricki Stacy. "One said he seen him around somewhere...he looked familiar, but he didn't know him."

Police took the child into custody and tracked down his mother, who lives just a few hundred feet from the Stacys' back yard.

According to police, the mother said she left the toddler with her boyfriend and later heard that he had left the child with neighbors.

"I thought it was odd that this man left this child here because we don't know him and you just don't leave children with somebody you don't know," said Teresa Stacy.

Lucky for Joshua, these strangers knew what to do.

Police have not released the boyfriend's name and there's no word on whether police will file any charges.

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