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Police Look for 4-Wheeling vandals

Neighbors living in one Mississippi community want police to crack down on four-wheeling vandals.
The most recent crime happened this weekend at the Latimer Lakes Park Complex in Horn Lake, Mississippi.
Vandals on a four wheeling frenzy busted through a gate and tore up a field outside a baseball field and damaged a dumpster.
The City of Horn Lake will have to cough up at least three thousand dollars to repair the damage.
"That's a park for everybody in the city to enjoy," said Horn Lake Police Captain Shannon Beshears.  "It cost the city a lot of money to build it and to tear it up is not real smart."
Now Horn Lake police need some smart citizen to help them catch whomever did it.
"Hopefully someone will see this (interview) and will call in and say I know who the numbskull is who did this," Beshears said.
Police are also still looking for the man they say ran down and injured an officer with a four wheeler earlier this month on a trail near Horn Lake Creek.
Police here say they get as many as two or three calls a day from people complaining about trespassing four wheelers.
Pawn Shop owner Joel Barron, who's property runs along Horn Lake Creek says he's made several of those calls.
"They come up through these things flying," Barron said. "I mean they come running up on all fours and landing and I know they have fun and enjoying what they're doing, but it's dangerous, very dangerous."
It's also expensive.  Barron says every two to three months, four wheelers crack the water line which runs under the creek bed to his shop.
"Every time they come out and break a line it's going to cost me two to three thousand dollars,"  Barron said.
Horn Lake Police actually borrow four wheelers from the City to track trespassers and patrol parks and trails.
However, police say they only have the resources to do it a few times a year even though trespassing and vandalism can be a daily occurrence.  
Police ask anyone with information about the damage to the park or the assault on the officer call DeSoto County Crimestoppers at (662) 429-TIPS.

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