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Couple charged with stealing donations from grandchild

Two Mid-South Grandparents are under arrest for stealing from a fund set up to help their sick grandchild.
12-year-old Odell Terry has cystic fibrosis and is waiting for a lung transplant.  His mother says not only has he lost the money for his treatment, he's lost his grandparents.
"Anger, hurt, betrayed."  Lana Terry described her range of emotions.  Police say her dad and stepmother, Charles and Phyllis Vaughn, emptied her son's medical expense account.  "We never dreamed in a million years my dad would do something so underhanded and dirty," said Turner.
The Dyersburg community donated cash, checks and, in Sonic's case, food.  They raised more than $30,000 for Odell's treatment.  Sonic Restaurant Manager Mark Waldron says this case troubles him.  "We were really more sad by it than anything because you got a family that's caring for a sick child and then to have something like that happen to 'em adds insult to injury," said Waldron.
The boy's mother says a red flag went up during a medical emergency when her father could not tell her how much was in the account.  After confronting her parents, Terry turned them in to police.
Still, Waldron says you cannot stop giving.  "You just have to continue to give and hope that it's used properly and it always comes back 10-fold anyway," he said.
Terry, on the other hand, does not know if she can forgive her parents.  "For my dad to do something like that to me, to my child.  I couldn't get over it," said Terry.  She hopes she can afford to keep her son alive with a $10,000 medical bill with no way to pay it.  She will soon face her parents in court over it.

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