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FedEx employees work through busiest time of year

Federal Express employees are busy helping Santa this week. In fact, it's the company's busiest time of year.

Action News Five got an exclusive inside look at how it all happens.

They're sorting, scanning, and flying - millions of packages are passing through FedEx's hub in Memphis this week so they can be home in time for the holidays and on shelves in time for the New Year.

According to hub Manager Marcus Martinez, "Obviously in peak season you have a lot of holiday shipments, a lot of Christmas presents, a lot of businesses restocking their product, so it's a very important time of year focus to get the product to the customers."

More than 1.6 million packages a day are carted and loaded at Memphis International Airport.

While most of us were still sleeping, more than 800 employees volunteered for extra shifts - reinforcing the 8,000 staffers normally on hand.

To keep all of their spirits up, FedEx NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin showed up and autographed t-shirts. Hamlin tells Action News Five, "It's definitely good for us to come out here and see how busy these guys get, especially during this season."

At Federal Express it's the season for long hours and high volume.

Packing up the end of 2005 and sending it into next year.

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