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Vandals and thieves target Memphis holiday displays

"They light up at night," says Jerry Gresham.

Icicle lights are all he has left. Two inflatable snow globes sat in his front yard until Christmastime crooks came calling.

"And I did it to lighten up the neighborhood and get into the Christmas spirit," says Grehsam.

The giant displays were six feet tall and $130 apiece. Gresham says his paralyzed wife particularly enjoyed them.

"She cried," says Gresham.

It was the second time Gresham's house had been hit this season. And he's not alone. Action News 5 found report after report of vandals and thieves targeting holiday displays all over the city. The losses add up to thousands of dollars.

"Thought everybody was in the Christmas spirit like we were," says victim Warren Price. "But found out we was wrong," he adds.

Mangled metal is all that remains of three reindeer who stood in Warren Price's front yard. They're barely standing now after being ripped apart.

"I just can't imagine anyone would do anything like this," says Price.

He decided to retire the reindeer rather than put them at risk again.

"Maybe we'll get the opportunity to do it next year," says Price.

Crooks have forced Jerry Gresham into a corner.

"And I said I'm not going to give them a chance to get anymore," says Gresham.

So icicle lights may be his only decorations from here on out.

Police say there's not much you can do to completely protect your displays. They suggest you mark large items so they might be identified later.

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