Small scissors and tools now allowed on airplanes - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Small scissors and tools now allowed on airplanes

WASHINGTON (AP) - Starting today, small tools and scissors are no longer banned from airliners as the Transportation Security Administration implements changes to its passenger screening policy. 

TSA administrator Kip Hawley says small scissors and tools don't pose much of a threat to the public. He says explosives are a bigger threat and the change will allow screeners to focus more time and attention on keeping bombs off airplanes. However, Congressman Edward Markey and Joe Crowley are critical of the change, saying it's now easier for terrorists to attack the nation again. Crowley told reporters that a small screwdriver could be turned into a deadly weapon, simply by sharpening the point.

Passengers have mixed feelings. Michael Finley says he thinks the change is "good." But Racquel Balsavich says it creates "safety issues."

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